20 Cheerleading Scandals That Rocked The Nation

Cheerleaders are like the public relations branch of a sports team. They are meant to provide a positive, upbeat image for the franchise or university. With so much spunk and happiness at play, you’ll be surprised to hear about these negative stories of cheerleading scandals.

Carlie Christine (Beck?)
Scandal: posing for Playboy
Squad: High school coach

You might recognize her from her photo gallery on Playboy.com. Did you know that this lovely lady was also a high school cheerleading coach as recently as 2009? You probably didn’t. That’s because she was canned by the school when one of the students told her parents about the racy pictures. They called the school and got her fired. Of course, many believe there is more the story since this particular student was rejected from the cheerleading squad just a few months prior.